It’s not ‘custom’… no, no, this is ‘bespoke‘. Merriam-Webster might argue that they mean, essentially, the same thing. If you were to ask Charles Rolls and Henry Royce over 100 years ago, however, you might get a harsh schooling that would make you regret you ever even knew the word “custom”.

For those in the world that desire more than just a dream car, all you have to do is simply contact Rolls-Royce and let sixty pairs of expert hands craft your fantasy. This isn’t news, it’s standard practice for the makers of “the best car in the world”. The finest colours, veneers, and hides are brought to the table for your selection. But over the years, as technology develops and people evolve, creations go from ‘custom’ to extraordinarily precise personalization, hand-made art.

Behold, the “Sweptail”.

Rolls-Royce’s “as-you-wish” attitude has attracted a certain anonymous connoisseur to create a bespoke summation of some of the brand’s most iconic coupes. This $13 million, four year design is said to be one of the most expensive new car purchases ever made. We’re talking matching luggage, champagne chiller, machined titanium, Macassar ebony, a hat shelf! This is, exclusively, a coachbuilt masterpiece. Rolls-Royce encourages you to bring it on because your imagination is their only limitation.


Photo: James Lipman /


May we add that, in this case, we might advise to vinyl wrap this beauty in Clear Gloss.


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