Forget customizing – let’s get a little more personal. Using a 3-D scan of the driver’s body, the new Aston Martin Vantage AMR Pro will now provide a whole new level of comfort and personalization to your driving experience. That’s just to get you started. Inspired by Aston Martin Racing, the new AMR series will be responsible for providing the ultimate Gentleman’s street legal (although, it may not feel like it should be) speed machine. It’s as if Aston Martin and Formula One had a baby – and the power is ridiculous. But don’t worry! Your personalized, molded seat will keep you still while you’re taking those corners! It is said that we will see a lot more of these ultimate race cars across the entire collection of Aston Martin models.

Mark your calendar for 2019, when “Valkyrie” will be unleashed, made in collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull.



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All photos courtesy of Aston Martin/Photo by Dominic Fraser via Kristin Korosec of,, and