This was a special project that was hard for us not to get sentimental about.

There is something different about every vinyl wrap job that comes through our garage and the reasons why someone gets a vinyl wrap varies person to person. Regardless, we always put the same amount of quality and effort into every project because each one is just as important as the other. Our client, who is now aging gracefully into his mid 80’s, came to us with a project meant to be a reflection of a new-er chapter in his life, his personality, his love for his family, and all in an effort to keep a legacy alive. His vision was to “re-live the old days” in his brand new VW Beetle! Just like the yellow one he had that, in the 60’s and early 70’s, he had very much enjoyed with his family and late wife, Matilda. The only problem – the Bug wasn’t yellow!

THE PLAN: Full color change vinyl wrap in a bright, gloss yellow, door jams included (fellow installers know that this isn’t easy), leave interior green. In honor of Matilda, we decided that it would only be most appropriate to include her in the final touches. Enjoy!

. . . before . . .

. . . AFTER . . .

The look on our client’s face when we surprised him with ‘Matilda’ on the glove box was worth every minute on this Beetle. This project was a great reminder of WHY we do what we do at Stratton Motor Cars. It reminds us to put a little more creative ‘Luv’ into every project.





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