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Congratulations, you got a vinyl wrap! You did a ton of research on different types of vinyl, debated on what color(s) to choose, and now you’re looking good in your brand new (or at least it feels like it) ride! Now it’s time to keep it looking fresh – because a dirty, faded or peeling wrap is no way to make an impression. Not to worry! Follow these steps to keep your wrap healthy and looking new year over year.


  • Have your vehicle hand washed with mild detergent and clean water, and always use a soft microfiber cloth or sponge.
  • Dry your vehicle with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • To deal with small isolated stains, use isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and then rinse with cool water. Never use hot water.
  • For stubborn stains like tree sap and tar, soak first with soapy warm water, and then use denatured alcohol. It’s a good idea to park your vehicle under a shelter or in a garage, as this will protect the wrap, and the rest of your vehicle, from pollutants, smog and UV rays.
  • Clean any spills, such as gas, oil or other fluids as quickly as possible.


  • Do not take your vehicle through automated car washes. The harsh bristles, higher pressure water sprayers, and hot air dryers are all bad for your vinyl wrap.
  • Never use harsh products like the household kitchen or bathroom cleaners, or products containing orange oil.
  • Never use conventional waxes or polishes. Ironically, the chemicals in these products are harmful to your vinyl wrap and, frankly, can be for your car in general.

For more details on how to keep your vinyl wrap fresh, always consult with our Installers. We fully support your vinyl wrap habits!

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