The Stratton family is absolutely amazing at what they do. I have been good friends with them for about a year now and have allowed to be a vital part of my show car build. Alex, Joey, and the rest of the team are crafty, creative, innovative, hard working, professional, and provide high quality customer service. They can honestly do anything for any car. Their shop is always fun to go to and see cool cars too. They are trusted people to work with. I have been unbelievably happy and proud of the work they have done to my 2017 Ford Focus ST. Months ago they installed my new Rear End RS UK Conversion and killed it. Once again, they absolutely made the build even more killer and unique with wrapping the front bumper and installing everything I have like aero and other pieces.

I don’t trust much shops out there but Stratton Motor Cars is one of this few shops that I trust and I am so thankful to have them as a bigger part of the build that I passionately invest in. Joey also deserves a lot of credit with his passion he shows to my build and making sure things are right. This is my go-to for most automotive repairs with my car having a lot of aftermarket work done and $$ put into it and with that THEY WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN! Thank you again guys, forever grateful!