What is a vinyl wrap?

A vinyl wrap, sometimes referred to as a car wrap, is the installation of vinyl graphics on top of your vehicle’s original OEM paint. Think of a sticker – it’s a durable PVC product with an adhesive backing. It’s flexible so that, when heat is applied, it can be flexed and contoured. When wrapping a vehicle, quality is everything! A vinyl wrap can change the appearance of your vehicle altogether. The possibilities are endless and the creativity starts with simply picking up a color swatch book!

How long does a vinyl wrap last? 

With proper prep, installation, and after-care, a vinyl wrap can last up to 5-7 years.

Can I remove the vinyl wrap later?

Yes. When done by a professional, the film can be removed without damage or ‘paint-peel’.  At Stratton Motor Cars, we have several clients that prefer to keep the creativity flowing! Like changing an outfit, they come to us with design changes that require the removal of an old wrap in order to install the new one!

What can a vinyl wrap do for me? 

There are several reasons why car wraps are growing in popularity.

Make Money – When you wrap your vehicle with your company information, you set yourself apart from the competition. On average, a business that advertises by use of vinyl wrap, gains up to 70,000 impressions a day! That’s a ton of impressions!

Pricing – for about half the cost of a good paint job, a wrap will do the same thing. Sometimes changing the paint color can even affect the value negatively later on down the road. A wrap will protect your car’s OEM paint.

Resale Value – A wrap will protect your car’s OEM paint. For car enthusiasts, collectors, dealerships, and the like, that’s a big deal!

Creativity – It all starts and ends with you! If you have a good installer to consult you through the process you can be confident about your decisions. At Stratton Motor Cars, we provide every client with a design consultation, free of charge.

Low Maintenance – A quick and simply hand-wash will do the trick! You can keep your vinyl wrap looking fresh and brand new for years.

How much does a vinyl wrap cost? 

This is a tricky question to answer because it all depends on the vehicle. At Stratton Motor Cars, when we provide a quote we look at several different things. First, what is the year, make, and model of your vehicle? What condition is the OEM paint in? How is the vehicle assembled and reassembled (example: Jeep vs. Tesla)? Is there any damage to the vehicle that we will need to adjust to? How creative are you willing to get? A good vinyl wrap can cost anywhere between $1,500 – $7,000.

Should I wrap it?

If you want to get a completely personalized custom look, protect your vehicle, or get creative, it might be time to wrap. We are here to help! We will walk you through the process and help transform your dreams into a lifestyle!

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