Scuderia Southwest

New Location for April 1st !!

We had another great show for March with a fantastic showing of Shelbys as well as many other special cars.  You can see them on our web site gallery here: You can also see a few choice pics on our Instagram feed (follow us!)  and also see all kinds of pics from others using our hashtag #sswcars.

And now some tidbits of information for the new location.  Starting April 1st we’ll be here:

We’ll be using the area below in the red box for show cars, public parking is outside of that.  We’ll be posting detailed entry instructions as well as car areas in a soon-to-follow update.  We’ll be updating the Motorsports Gathering page on our web site as well if you want to follow along as updates get made:

We can’t wait for the next show and we hope to have some special things for you.  We’ve got more space so we’re trying to use it in the most effective manner.  The April theme will be Viva Italia, so we’ll be shining the spotlight on the Italian cars.

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Check our event calendar for the future themes here