Hey there, fellow Phoenicians! If you’re an Arizona Diamondbacks fan like us, you’re probably feeling the electric buzz in the air. The D-backs are gearing up for the World Series 2023, and we at Stratton Motor Cars couldn’t be more thrilled to support our home team. Baseball runs deep in our veins, and this year, it’s a home run for Arizona!

At Stratton Motor Cars, baseball is more than just a sport. We’re not just about luxury cars and outstanding services; we’re all about celebrating and supporting our great city and what makes the community thrive. We are proud to see the incredible journey our Arizona Diamondbacks are on. They’ve played their hearts out, and we’re here to cheer them on every step of the way!

Now, you might be wondering what a luxury car customization company has to do with baseball. Well, it’s simple – we’re part of this fantastic community, just like you. We take pride in supporting our local sports teams, small businesses, community leaders, and those who want to go all the way.

Let’s come together, Phoenix! Here’s to a World Series we’ll never forget!

Go D-backs! 🐍🎉

“I played baseball all my life. Growing up, that’s what taught me everything I know about teamwork, strategy, perseverance, commitment. It has significantly influenced the way we operate as a team in the shop. We understand that every member of our staff plays a crucial role in our overall success. We value effective communication, coordination, and supporting each other, just like any player on the field. I encourage the team to tackle challenges with a winning mindset, always pushing for excellence, and working together to achieve our goals. Every player counts. Playing sports all my life is what inspires me to make sure that we’re continuously improving our teamwork, making us more efficient and customer-focused. It’s something I’m very proud of and I think it makes us an asset to our clients because we’re all in, always.” – Alex, Owner



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