Your luxury car is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s an extension of your lifestyle, a status symbol, and often a significant financial investment. Owning a high-end & exotic vehicle like a Mercedes, Porsche, or Ferrari means committing to its maintenance, appearance, and protection. At Stratton Motor Cars, we understand the dedication you put into maintaining your exotic car, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof, including ceramic coatings and Paint Protection Films (PPF) using XPEL.


XPEL PPF is the market’s leading, premium paint protection film brand designed to protect your car’s exterior from a variety of environmental and physical damages. Whether it’s road debris, harsh weather, or even minor scratches, PPF (aka “clear bra”) offers unparalleled protection that keeps your luxury car looking pristine.

Finishes include satin, gloss, and a rugged option designed to mimic that of a bed-liner (ideal for of-road vehicles).

Key Features of XPEL PPF:

  1. Durable Protection: The multi-layered film provides exceptional resistance to road debris, rock chips, and minor scratches. This protection is crucial for maintaining your car’s appearance and resale value.
  2. Self-Healing Properties: XPEL PPF is designed with a self-healing technology that automatically repairs minor scratches and swirl marks, ensuring a smooth, glossy finish.
  3. UV Resistance: UV rays can cause paint to fade and degrade over time. XPEL’s UV-resistant properties shield your car’s paint from sun damage, the film is non-yellowing, maintaining its vibrant color.
  4. Enhanced Appearance: The film’s high-gloss and satin finish options not only protects but also enhances your car’s overall look, ensuring it always looks showroom-ready.
  5. Custom Fit: XPEL films are machine and hand cut to fit each car model precisely, ensuring a seamless and invisible appearance that perfectly complements your vehicle’s design.

Benefits of Protecting Your Luxury Car with XPEL

  1. Preserving Resale Value: Luxury cars often hold substantial resale value, especially when they are well-maintained. Protecting your car with XPEL PPF reduces wear and tear, keeping it in optimal condition for future resale.
  2. Cost Savings: By preventing minor scratches, rock chips, and other damage, PPF can save you money on repair costs. This proactive approach helps avoid costly panel repairs, touch-ups and paint corrections down the line.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Your car’s appearance is a reflection of your style. PPF not only protects your vehicle from damage but also keeps it looking its best, with your choice of satin or glossy finish that enhances its visual appeal.
  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing your car is protected provides a sense of security. You can drive comfortably, knowing that your car is shielded from daily hazards, allowing you to focus on enjoying the luxury of your ride.

Services Offered at Stratton Motor Cars

At Stratton Motor Cars, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to luxury vehicles:

  1. PPF Installation: Our skilled technicians are trained to apply XPEL PPF to all car models, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection.
  2. Ceramic Coating: We provide ceramic coating services that complement XPEL PPF, offering additional protection against environmental elements and enhancing your car’s finish.
  3. Routine Maintenance: We offer scheduled and routine maintenance and repair,
    specifically for luxury & exotic car brands like Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley,
    Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, just to name a few


Q: How long does the PPF installation process take?

A: The installation & cure time can vary depending on the vehicle size and the coverage required. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Q: Does the film affect the car’s appearance?

A: No, the XPEL film is designed to be virtually invisible, with your choice of a satin or a high-gloss finish that complements your car’s appearance. In fact, it enhances the car’s look!

Q: How long does XPEL PPF last?

A: XPEL films are top of the line and known for their durability and can last for several years, depending on driving conditions and proper care. Regular maintenance and cleaning can extend the film’s lifespan.

Q: Can PPF be removed?

A: Yes, PPF can be professionally removed without damaging the car’s paint or exterior. Although, there are some exceptions based on the quality of the paint before installation. Paint Protection Film is a long-term protection option.

Q: Is XPEL PPF compatible with ceramic coatings?

A: Absolutely! In fact, we recommend applying a ceramic coating over the XPEL film for enhanced protection and added cleaning benefits.

Key Takeaways

  1. XPEL PPF provides exceptional protection for luxury cars, reducing wear and tear from road debris, UV rays, and minor scratches.
  2. The film’s self-healing properties, UV resistance, and high-gloss finish ensure that your car looks its best, maintaining both its aesthetic appeal and resale value.
  3. At Stratton Motor Cars, we specialize in XPEL PPF installation and other services, including ceramic coatings and routine maintenance for luxury vehicles.
  4. Protecting your investment with XPEL PPF not only saves you money on repairs but also provides peace of mind and confidence, allowing you to fully enjoy the luxury car experience.

At Stratton Motor Cars, we’re committed to keeping your luxury vehicle in top condition. Whether through XPEL PPF wraps, ceramic coatings, or comprehensive maintenance, we strive to provide the services you need to protect your investment and enjoy every moment behind the wheel.