Need a reliable vehicle to get you from Point A to Point B at a top speed of 195 mph?

Since 1913, Aston Martin has meticulously produced thousands of prestigious motorcars and most of them (quick math tells us about 75,000 out of about 80,000 produced) are still dominating the road. What other car manufacturer do you know of that has over 90% of their vehicles on the road since inception?

They’ve done it again with the new 2018 Aston Martin Vantage. The Vantage has been the brand’s best seller for years. Next June, consumers are getting a more ‘sporty’ version to add to the collection for around $150,000.

Check it out:

Other fun facts: 

Through appointment of a Royal Warrant, Aston Marin has been a faithful supplier of motorcars to the British Royal Family since the 80’s. #BRF

There are only 150 Aston Marin dealerships in the world. #exclusive

The most expensive (British) vehicle ever sold at (Sotheby’s) auction was a 1956 Aston Martin DBR1/1 for $22,550,000. #oneofone

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